VJO 2022-T99 Cup: VGS Travel presents HIO prize worth 175,600,000 VND to golfer Ngo Vinh Tuong

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At the award ceremony of the Vietnam Junior Open presented by T99 2022, the representative from the sponsor VGS Travel presented the HIO prize worth VND 175,600,000 to golfer Ngo Vinh Tuong. This HIO award is a golf tour to the UK and Scotland—the place known as the homeland of golf.

VJO 2022-T99 Cup: VGS Travel presents HIO prize worth 175,600,000 VND to golfer Ngo Vinh Tuong

The Vietnam Junior Open presented by T99 Cup (VJO 2022) took place from July 29-31, 2022, and was successfully ended at Vinpearl Golf Hai Phong. On the first day of the tournament, golfer Ngo Vinh Tuong excellently became the first person to get a Hole-in-One at the par-3 4th hole by the wedge, from a distance of 120 yards. This is the hole of the HIO award, which is a golf tour voucher UK-Scotland: Back to the Homeland of Golf worth 175,600,000 VND sponsored by VGS Travel. As the first owner of the HIO shot at the tournament, the young golfer born in 2008, Ngo Vinh Tuong, won this award.

Ngo Vinh Tuong was the first golfer to score HIO at the VJO 2022-T99 Cup, winning a prize of over 175 million VND

Ms. Dang Thi Loan, General Director of Viet Nam Golf Travel Services Corporation (VGS Travel), sent her best wishes as she represented VGS Travel at the award ceremony of VJO 2022-T99 on July 31. She congratulated Ngo Vinh Tuong and presented him with the HIO prize worth 175,600,000 VND. At the same time, the VGS Travel representative also thanked the organizers of the VJO 2022-T99 Cup for trusting the company as a sponsor for the HIO award of the tournament. VGS Travel hopes to continue as a partner and sponsor for national golf tournaments, contributing to their success and promoting the strong development of the Vietnamese golf movement.

Representative of VGS Travel presents the HIO award to golfer Ngo Vinh Tuong

VGS Travel is a pioneer specializing in providing the first 5-star international golf tour services in Vietnam. Each package is uniquely designed for golfers. The itinerary is private and refined in order to bring the most comfortable and secure experience to golfers on their journey to discover the world of golf.

In particular, the luxury golf package "UK-Scotland: Back to the homeland of golf" is one of the best-sellers in VGS Travel. The golfer who wins this golf tour will have the opportunity to visit and play golf in the UK and Scotland—which is known as the "cradle" of the golf world. Especially, the impressive schedule of the tour will bring golfers to the legendary St. Andrews Old Course—the dream of every golfer.

Old Course (St. Andrews) - every golfer's dream

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